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Doyle's 2023 Almanac of Newfoundland and Labrador


Doyle's 2023 Almanac of Newfoundland and Labrador is now available and contains forecasting for the province for 2023, featuring local sunrise/sunset times and astronomical events. As well it celebrates our Island's people and heritage, featuring an interview with well-loved musical siblings The Ennis Sisters. In the History and Tradition section there are intriguing articles such as the 19 Mutineers of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, as well as The Leading Lights of St. John's harbour. The Natural Province section examines capelin, SmartICE: sea ice monitoring, and contains gardening tips from Gaze Seed. There are also songs and poetry from the collection of Gerald S. Doyle that reflect the influence of the land and sea on the people of our province. Doyle's Almanac also features recipes, and a large selection of colour photographs that capture the beauty and spirit of our island, including a story about the provincial historic sites. Each copy of Doyle's Almanac ordered on-line is signed by authors Robert Doyle and Gus fanning. This is the 8th edition for those collecting the set! Locations island-wide to buy Doyle's Almanac are listed in Where to Buy in our menu. Makes a great gift- only 16.95  On-line purchases available as well on this website.